Danielle and Jacob are special clients from Knoxville, Tn who hired me to take their engagement photos. We just clicked from the beginning.  These two are amazingly unique, quirky and fun.  They compliment each other in a way that can only be experienced by being around them.  

  This is one of my favorite Images from their engagement session. 

JacobandDanielleEngagement-08 copy.jpg

Their wedding took place on October 8, 2016 at the Reserve on Bluebird Hill in Lenoir City, Tn. If you have ever been privy to East Tennessee in October, than you know it is nothing short of magnificent.  Throw in a barn, outdoor lighting, lawn games, a fire pit and an outdoor ceremony you have a recipe for magic. 

The day started out at Jacob and Danielle's apartment, where all the ladies got ready and put the final touches on flowers and decor.  

This group was so close! One of the sweetest most organized set of bridesmaids were the perfect compliment to the most unique and equally as organized bride. 

Jamaica Bound!

Danielle and Jacob are pretty much the coolest.  Pinning past, present, and future trips on the canvased art in their bedroom.  Next Stop.  HONEYMOON!

Jacob, his father, brother and the rest of his groomsmen (and groomsgirl) arrived at the Reserve in time to finish getting ready and stay hidden from Danielle. 

Danielle's Mom along with so many others did so much to make this day breathtaking. There were so many unique details that were hand made, making the Matheson/Rouser wedding a one-of-a-kind event. 

Time to get in that dress!

They made sure to take a moment to exchange letters with each other. 

...and then a moment together.

The most heart warming moment was when Danielle's Dad laid his eyes on his little girl.

The only thing more breathtaking than that view was Danielle in that dress!


After the Ceremony, Jacob and Danielle arranged for an intimate private Communion on top of the hill.


After all the formal photos were taken, it was time to really celebrate!


Everybody danced! They came in dancing and didn't stop until they left, long after the sun had set. 

The Rouser reception was nothing short of a party. There was dancing, cake, toasting, lawn games outside and a Tennessee Football viewing party inside. 

As the night began to wind down, the party never stopped. Jacob and Danielle were the most gracious of hosts, a lovely couple and fun spirited people to be around. Every detail was taken care of from the beginning of the day until the very last sparkler was lit that evening. 

Enjoy Jamaica, Mr. & Mrs. Rouser!